Which restaurants you should visit in Tijuana

Tijuana is an amazing place, for its beautiful landscapes and for being a multicultural place, which will give you many new experiences, that’s why we will recommend some must-see restaurants that you will surely love.

52 Kool, to enjoy!

If you want to meet a restaurant famous for the freshness of its recipes, inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine, but with a modern touch and also vegetarian options, where you can enjoy a delicious meal, you can not miss this restaurant where the menu changes every week, and you will surely love it!

La Querencia, a mixture of cultures

It has a menu with options for all tastes, from fresh seafood, artisanal food, meats and wild birds, cooked slowly in a wood oven or grilled, is what this restaurant offers you, which is why it is highly recommended, when you travel with your own car, because it is relatively close to the border, you cannot forget your Mexican car insurance San Diegoso you can enjoy a comfortable and safe trip.

Georgina, soft and delicious

If you have gone through a root canal in Tijuana, this restaurant can be one of the most recommended, because it has soft textured food that you can enjoy calmly, such as the waffles of chia and oats, the eggplant tamales with a small touch of basil, the rolls of lasagna or a fish fillet, which you can combine with a delicious drink.



Emma Baja French, French Mexican food

If you thought French and Mexican food couldn’t mix, you’re so wrong. This is the restaurant that proves it, because it has a must-have mix French onion soup with a touch of chili, meat and vegetable cake, lamb terrine and of course a delicious ratatouille with special flavors of the house.

Food Garden Market

The first Food park in Tijuana has multiple gastronomic proposals including vegetables, meats, seafood, desserts, and a stocked selection of craft beers that you will surely love, so it will be an excellent option where you can enjoy a mosaic of flavors where you can please the whole family.

Telefónica Gastro Park

If you love urban food you cannot miss this food truck, with outdoor tables, freshness, good music and an offer of more than 15 kitchens with specialized chefs who offer delicious and innovative dishes, at an excellent cost.

Toast, hot dogs, French toast, ramen, craft beer, typical Mexican food and much more you can find in this wonderful place full of flavors, it is an ideal place for families where each member wants to eat something different.

Undoubtedly, Tijuana is a wonderful place in Mexico where you can find a wide variety of delicious foods and, above all, restaurants that know how to give you that special point where traditional culture and modernism are mixed simply perfect!